Elephant Hill, Moab

Elephant hill is a spectacular trip that is best done in two days so that you can camp at Devils Kitchen and spend the next morining at the Joint Trail. Approximately 80 miles from downtown Moab, make sure you give yourself enough time to make it to the ranger station and check-in. You can get gas and some food/water at the Needles Outpost, but don't count on them being open.

newspaper.psd entrancehill.psd downzig.psd mikeside.psd
frontstack.psd xterraRack.psd UnderLedge.psd Squeezeplay.psd
uglycrew.psd insidecamp.psd CampD.psd DevilsLane.psd
handpainting.psd CastleBack.psd NissanDeflect.psd outDevilsLane.psd
2b4Stairs.psd SilverStairs.psd downstairs.psd 2downstairs.psd
ClausStairs.psd SpiresX.psd 45degree.psd MikeWQback.psd
Tiltworld.psd OutElephant.psd Claus_out.psd BBQ_out.psd

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