Fins & Things (2nd part), Moab

The next day we had a few hours before taking the 80 mile drive to Elephant Hill. Three of us broke off and decided to do the 2nd part of Fins and Things. If you're short on time, the 2nd section is the more interesting and scenic of the two. On the way to Elephant Hill you can get gas and some food/water at the Needles Outpost, but don't count on them being open.

finmarker.psd theStart.psd Claus_down.psd 3downstart.psd
2fins.psd two_crawl.psd fin.psd upfin.psd
valleyview.psd sideview.psd dinosaur.psd rolledge.psd
schlud_up.psd andover.psd claus_up.psd overtrail.psd
3overfins.psd babylions.psd

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