Porcupine Rim, Moab

We decided to run Porcupine Rim in the morning and then head back home. There is a trail from Fins that merges into Porcupine or you can reach the trailhead on the main road. This has become a major bicycle run, or at least it was the day we were on it. Despite being a ROAD, we got a few comments about having a truck on what the 2-wheelers decided was their trail. We turned around at the point our guidebook said the trail would became a narrow bike trail. We had had enough of the comments and decided to head back. Apparently during Jeep Safari there is a more challenging section that is opened up. Because of all the bikers, and the run of the mill obstacles, I really can't recommend the trail to anyone.

startmerge.psd up1stRock.psd ledgecrawl.psd Canyon.psd
Climb1.psd mergeClose.psd FromDownCliff.psd MikeDown.psd

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