Naches Wagon Trail, WA - 2002

This was a great two day camping trip from the Mt.Rainier National Park, through the Naches Wagon Trail, along the Manstash Ridge, and ending at the Observatory. Several tree falls had happened since last season, but luckilly wheelers before us had cut and cleared the trail. We ran into on guy in an old Jeep that had ripped open his brake line and lost all his brakes while going up a narrow steep incline. We weren't able to get any pictures before he used a log and some tricky driving into the hillside to make his way down without diving into the trees.

rainier.jpg shludridge.jpg treearch.jpg brokenwood.jpg
mikebig.jpg rickshute.jpg cal_bumper.jpg bigtrail.jpg
trees_sideview.jpg bridgestall.jpg bridges.jpg 4bridges.jpg
tallbridge.jpg sidebiker.jpg clearcut.jpg bridgetilt.jpg
logs3.jpg mikeurichcabin.jpg mikefunny.jpg benfunny.jpg
cow.jpg benclimbs.jpg manastashlake.jpg deadwoods.jpg
benbag.jpg whatthef.jpg greenrock.jpg riversideview.jpg
sidebridge.jpg siderickwater.jpg observatory.jpg

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