Snow Run - Taneum, WA

"ToeJam" and myself headed up into the mountains for some fun in the fresh snow that had fallen. In some spots it there was 2 feet of the new stuff. Taneum was a good route as we knew there weren't any large boulders or logs under the trail. Just snow and fun. Our final destination wwas supposed to be an observatory nearby, but as we went up in elevation a whiteout started to develop. Running out of traction and visibility I tried to turn around and got high centered (or dug in). Luckilly there was a tree within the 100 ft length of my winch cable. ToeJam was stuck below and out of reach. We finally made it back with no damage and a great run under our belt.

roadtilt.psd whitetrees.psd studip.psd
studeep.psd SchludDeep.psd throughtrees.psd SideStew.psd
2Ft_Stop.psd BackStop.psd soup.psd icebush.psd
endoftrail.psd deeprut.psd stuside.psd snowbridge.psd

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