The Sunshine Coast, BC

We needed an excuse to visit Vancouver BC visit good friends and drink beer, so doing a scouting run with some Land Cruiser guides on the Sunshine Coast sounded like the perfect tricket. Any run in the Sound is always good since you have to travel by ferry and get some of the best views on the West coast. We hooked up on the ferry with the guides and headed out into the forest to make some tracks for the future Rover trip these guys would be leading. A scouting run always means heading up trails running into dead ends, turn into overgrown brush, and the occasional washout. On this trip we got all three and then some. The main trail we were looking for was washed out, and moving through the bypass was one of the more technical parts of the run. We got to winch the Disco up, and then tug the rest of the trucks through and out of the ditch. Our trucks made the farthest up the grade, but in the end everyone needed a tug. We went through miles of overgrown trail with long thick branches that added to the pinstriping so familiar to the sides of our truck. Some parts of the trail had blown down trees that we had to cut and break through with the winches. After reaching the top of the trail (where there was supposed to be an old mine) we headed back down to another washout. A long bypass, and a rivercrossing brought us back onto a road that we had scouted earlier that day. We played around on a powerline trail, and a deep water trench at the end of the day before heading out for the ferry and back to Vancouver.

outwindow.psd mikeFerry.psd water.psd Scream.psd
TheDock.psd FernTrees.psd DiscoLog.psd Rolling.psd
TreeClearing.psd FlareLine.psd FlareMike.psd MikeStream.psd
RoverBypass.psd RoverWinch.psd ClausIn.psd WheelStuckClaus.psd
ClausUp.psd MikeTug.psd Stream.psd InTheTrees.psd
LogBridge.psd OverSound.psd SnowLunch.psd P_break.psd
MikeRiver.psd C_cross.psd Claus_Dip.psd Out_C.psd

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