Table Mountain, Liberty Campout Day 2

Day2 finished up the rest of Table Mountain and most of the group headed back home after driving through historic Liberty and some of it's older firetrucks. 3 of us decided to tackle the Western and more difficult side of Table Mountain. Views of Mount Rainer and flowered meadows were viewable through much of the area. Mike slipped on a rock through an offcamber area coming close to losing some sheet metal to a large tree. After getting him out of the sticky situation we quickly found ourselves headed up a long steep trail with terrbile traction. The hill required full throttle resulting in slow going with rocks and dirt flying downhill at waiting trucks. The eventual destination came upon flowered trails and a viewpoint that gave an incredible 360 degree display of the mountains and valleys surrounding the area. A quick lunch and departure through maintained roads sent us on our way back home.

sideValley.jpg MikeTilt.jpg
OutWindow.jpg FlowersFlore.jpg BarkTruck.jpg Rainer.jpg
FrontTrench.jpg back2Trench.jpg BushTrench.jpg Schlud_Trench.jpg
MikeHighCenter.jpg DiscoRamp.jpg FireTruck.jpg FoundATree.jpg
TireTilt.jpg ChuckUpTrail.jpg ChuckTopsHill.jpg Flowers.jpg
FlowerTrail.jpg Meadow.jpg WheelStumpMountain.jpg X_forFun.jpg
TopBackView.jpg TopViewSide.jpg TreadLightly.jpg BackHome2.jpg

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