Xterra Owner Clubs:
Arizona Xterra Club (AZXC)
Eastern North Carolina Xterra Club (ENCXC)
Gulf Coast Xterra Club (GCXC)
Great Plains Xterra Owners (GPXO)
Heartland Xterra Owners Club (HXOC)
Kentucky Frontier and Xterra Club (KYFXC)
Mid Atlantic Xterra Club (MAXC)
Midwest Xterra Owners (MXO)
Northern California Club Xterra (NCCX)
New England Xterra Club (NEXTerra)
New Jersey Area Xterra Club (NJAX)
Pacific Northwest Xterra Club (PNWX)
Rocky Mountain Xterra Club (RMXC)
Southeast Virginia Xterra Club (SVXC)
Southeast Xterra Club (SEXC)
Southern California Club Xterra (SCCX)
Southern Ontario Xterra Club (SOXC)
Southwestern Xterra Club (SWXC)
Utah Xterra Owners Club (UXOC)

Suppliers & Manufacturers: (most parts listed on this site come from these companies)
Spencer Low Racing
Calmini Manufacturing
Darlington Offroad Products
Skid Row Skidplates
ALF Enterprises
4x4 Connection
4x4 Books
Coolerman (CIBS)
Safety Whistles for Outdoor Rescue (whistlesforlife.com)

Xterra Messageboards:

Automotive Forums / Xterra4x4.com Message Board
The Unofficial Xterra Message Board
Xterra Owners Club
Nissan 4-Wheelers
Xterra Firma
Nissan Offroad
Yahoo Xterra Clubhouse
Xterra Offroad Webring