See-Through Wind Deflector
Thor asked me to post his pictures and instructions on how he created a smoked see-through wind deflector. Most of you SE owners know about how limited the sun-roof is due to the basket and wind deflector. Well here's a unique solution. If you would like more info, e-mail Thor and he'll be glad to help.

Wind deflector project: Total Cost $10.

Time: About 2 hours.

Inspiration: Wrap around sunglasses.

To Start: Look up Plastics in the Yellow Pages. Purchase one sheet of
Acrylite 12” by 37”. Also buy one 6 foot length of 1/2” clear plastic
tubing. Acrylite is used for skylight domes. It comes in the following
transparent colors:

      Gray 103-2 25% light transmission
      Gray 104-1 13% light transmission
      Bronze 126-4 45% light transmission
      Bronze 131-2 27% light transmission
      Bronze 311-1 10% light transmission

Tools Needed:

Jig Saw
Hand saw
Hand drill
Marine Epoxy (Resin and Hardener)
8-32x1/2” Machine screws with nuts. Round heads zinc
Fine point Permanent marker
Files (Fine and course)
5/32 Allen Wrench
2 drywall screws
screw drivers (Phillips and straight edge)
Black enamel paint (Testors)
Masking tape
3M clear tape


Remove deflector from roofrack using allen wrench.

2. Remove rubber bushing.

3. Keep Acrylite in paper wrapping. Mark bottom edge curve to be cut by
tracing off bottom edge of deflector. Cut bottom edge.

4. Use masking tape to tape acrylite to deflector lining up bottom edge.
Mark to edge to be cut and 2 side cuts. Untape and make 3 cuts. Put
Acrylite aside.

5. Using permanent marker, draw cut out area about 1 inch in from all sides
of deflector.

6. Drill large hole at corner of area to be cut out. Drill second hole
right next to first and interconnect to make enough room to get jig saw blade
in. Slowly cut following permanent marker lines on the back of the
deflector. Cut right through support flaps on the back of the deflector. I
was a bit nervous about cutting these off at first but the finished deflector
seems to hold up fine to highway speeds. Continue drilling and cutting till
you can remove the center section.

7. File inside edges smooth. Particularly corners.

8. Mix Marine Epoxy and brush on front side of deflector where Acrylite will
be placed. Peel off protective wrap on Acrylite and hold it in place until
Epoxy sets. (Note: epoxy may not even be needed. If you don’t use epoxy it
would be easy to cut other color sheets of acrylite and just bolt then into

9. After epoxy has set peel off second protective coating from Acrylite.
Drill holes in each of the 4 corners as well as centered top and bottom for
8/32 machine bolts. Bolt in place. Paint bolts black to help retard rust
and help bolts blend in to dark the dark deflector.

10. Reattach deflector to roof rack. As you can see from the photos I also
decided to cut up my gear basket. Any other questions just e-mail me. Let
me know if you come up with any improvements on this simple $10 fix.