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Finally an update! A few things have changed. The Owners section is gone. I just didn't have time to update it, and wanted to spend more time on the trip photos. The trip section is now laid out with all the photos in a gallery grid. Low bandwidth users can just go to the pics they want without linearly having to click through the trip. Clicking on the large photos will move you progressively through the photos without having to return to the gallery. The links section was finally filled out. If you want your site linked there or removed just contact me. I removed the general list of mods and now have a list of specific mods and equipment on my truck. This will be filled out as I go with photos and info if possible. Additional user mods are listed at the bottom, and if you would like to submit a mod, or have a piece of equipment not found here, feel free to e-mail and I'll get your photo and description listed.

Nissan Titan North American Tour: PNWX was invited to help lead the Titan tour through the Whistler, BC and Offroad Academy course. We had a great time, including driving the trucks through the course built for training SUV owners through a variety of obstacles. The tour was a 5 day event with 4 drivers splitting the week with Nissan, the press, and top dealership owners. Lots of good pics with the new prototypes. Check it out.

PNWX goes to Moab: 6 of us went to Moab, Utah in the beginning of October. We had 4 days of offroading and have pics of many trails and some of the spectacular landscape that can only be found in Moab. Check out the Trips section or click on the Moab photo here.

Automotive forums / Xterra Message Board:
January 5th Automotive Forums, the home of Xterra4x4.com's message board, has moved to a new server. This should bring the board back to the experience visitors were used to with Xterra 4x4 specific information, image uploads and a fast searchable database. Not to mention it's free! Those with questions about their trucks should drop on by. There is a lot of archived information that can be searched through as well as an experienced group of people to help answer questions you should have about your truck.

Spencer Low Racing Steering System: It's here, and it's rock solid. Before the trip to Moab I wanted to replace my fading centerlink and I wanted something I could trust when dealing with something as important as vehicle steering. Pics of SLR's system are coming in the mods section.

Calmini Steering System: Calmini has also introduced their steering system to the market. We recently installed the first one for our club in a members truck very similar to mine (lift, tires, weight, etc). Hopefully this will give us an ongoing comparison of the two as time goes by.

PNWX incorporated!: The Pacific Northwest Xterra Club has voted in a new officiating body and has moved through the legal procedures to become an incorporated club with non-profit status. This marks a big step in the clubs history and puts us in a better position to serve the membership. Any Xterra club should seriously consider taking this important step in order to better protect the founders and members from legal issues related to running a 4x4 club. Those interested in joining PNWX can always visit our homepage www.pnwx.net

Xterra Offroad Webring: The Webring is still growing but banner and image updates have suffered from neglect. Partially due to the slow response of our message area on AF. Voting also took a long time to get new pictures so I'm moving to a new format where members can submit their photos for consideration and I will have a more frequent update of images. Truck images posted on the banner will be included in an archive of previous member images along with owner homepage info, club membership etc. Hopefully this will give more members exposure of their trucks and increase traffic to their sites.

2 Xterra4x4.com pictures make it into the Nissan "Shift" web site: Several owners were contacted and Nissan put together a site representing us as well as many of their other Nissan vehicles. 2 of those pictures were from this site. Go here to take a look:

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