Table Mountain, Liberty Campout Day1

Day1 in a camping trip at Table Mountain. Friday night was spent at 6500ft in an late night camp before hitting the trails. This trip went backwards though a trail that had proved unpassale going uphill. The main obstacle "The Steps" required being spotted along the edge of a long dropoff before making the turn down a two-wheel teetering drop that added to the difficulty. After making it through the rest of the trail we found an isolated camp area that brought a mountain sunset and a night of stories and good friends. Day two is ahead.

Special thanks to Mike and Bryan for their photo contributions.

LionsBack2.psd MTflat.psd LionsBack.psd RainierTree.psd
2Rainier.psd RidgeStop.psd Top.psd SchludSteps.psd
SchludStepsTilt.psd WQstart.psd WQtreehole.psd BryanSteps.psd
JoeStop.psd SchludStream.psd MSlewEnter.psd MikeSlew.psd
FlowerSun.psd AntFlower.psd SunFlare.psd Camp.psd
Campers.psd Sunset.jpg

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