Below are many trips I've taken in my Xterra. From bone stock, one month after buying the truck back in 2000, to extensively modified in 2003. While some of the trips are tougher than the earlier days, I've always enjoyed the beautiful places my truck has taken me and the friends I've travelled with. If you own an Xterra maybe these photos will convice you to take your SUV off the highway, out of the traffic and onto the trails. Always be a safe and respectful driver and remember to Tread Lightly.

Some of the pictures are from my first site X2k, and early versions of this site. I've kept them in their original format, but all new trips will have a standard layout. I hope the inconsistency doesn't detract from the images. Unlinked trails are scheduled to be scanned and posted in the future.



  • Barnett Pass / Mt. Hood
  • Sand Lake ORV



  • Gathering of Xterras / GOX (2000)
  • Gathering of Xterras / GOX (2001)


  • Canyonlands
  • Moab (4x4 Mecca)

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